Waffle bar Strawberry-Raspberry Topping made with Jam in a Jiffy

With seven hungry kids home for Christmas break, making a big breakfast every morning was a must! Thick, fluffy Belgian waffles hot off the waffle iron are a favorite in our home. Cornaby’s has some AMAZINGLY delicious toppings, syrups, fruit fillings, and spreadable fruits that are perfect for a beautiful and yummy waffle bar. In Read More

Super Easy Valentine Swirl Cookies with E-Z Gel

This is a great project to involve your kids in! There are bright colors and getting your hands dirty and it’s very easy. So this idea came from my 5-year-old who saw something similar online. We made some adjustments for the way we like to cook, but the idea is the same. You’ll start with Read More

Cheese Ball with Cinnamon Berry Spice

Happy Holidays to all our friends and followers! No matter how you celebrated we hope you had a Merry Christmas and a brilliant holiday season, though it’s not over just yet! And we’re glad because New Years is a great time for appetizers and we have a great recipe to share. Most appetizers are savory, Read More

Chocolate Almond Butter No Bake Cookies with E-Z Gel

Tis the season of a lot of cookie making, which is never a bad thing. But one of my favorite cookies is really almost a candy and that’s the no bake cookie. This particular recipe is for a chocolate almond butter no bake cookie which is a total mouthful, but representes a really nice cookie. Read More

Chewy Ginger Snaps with E-Z Gel

With Winter setting in I’ve found myself craving ginger cookies. In particular this recipe for chewy ginger snaps. These aren’t the traditional ginger snap, which is darker and crisper. I like those too, but for a really comforting ginger cookie I want it to have chew baby. So I made a batch on Saturday. They’re Read More