The holiday season is always so busy with projects, parties, recitals, and shopping. I don’t know how many times it’s gotten to be 6pm before it dawns on me, “Oops…I didn’t even plan dinner!”

     A few days ago I picked up a pork butt roast on sale at the grocery store and made a plan to get ahead of the dreaded dinner time rush.

In the morning I sprinkled the pork roast with salt and pepper, threw it in the crockpot, and dumped a jar of Cornaby’s Raspberry Chipotle Savory Sauce on top. Bing, bang boom- eight hours later we were eating burrito bowls with the most mouth-watering, tender pork you’ll ever taste.

     I used one whole jar for a three pound roast. For a larger roast you can add another jar of sauce to make sure the flavor comes through. Any of Cornaby’s savory sauces can be used. The Raspberry Chipotle, Raspberry Jalapeno, and Peach habanero are all equally amazing. Try one each night to see which you like best!

 After cooking, just shred your meat and use it on burritos, salads, rolls, or eat it alone with a side of fresh sautéed veggies. Enjoy!