How to Use Thick Gel

E-Z Gel has been around since the early 90s and joined the Cornaby’s family of products in 2007. It’s a type of thickener that is very similar to traditional corn starch but has some fantastic benefits. It’s particularly popular because it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, great for canning, and holds up well in the refridgerator. 

How to Use E-Z Gel®

What is Thick Gel?

Thick Gel is a cook-up starch made from waxy maize (a gluten-free, non-GMO corn). It is used in cooked applications for superior thickening and flow.  Products made with Thick Gel don’t separate or weep and are freeze-thaw stable. Thick Gel is also approved for home canning.

Thick Gel is used like corn starch or flour. It must be dispersed in water or mixed into other dry ingredients before it can be added to a hot mixture. It must be heated to a near boil (about 180F) before it will thicken.  Substitute Thick Gel for corn starch and follow the recipe instructions as written.  To replace flour with Thick Gel, use half as much starch and mix into a small amount of liquid to form a slurry before adding to the hot liquid.  The end results are smoother and more stable.  When a Thick Gel slurry is used instead of a flour/fat roux, the amount of fat added to a soup, sauce or gravy can be reduced by about half. It is a perfect solution for those concerned about gluten or GMO thickeners in their diet. 

Conversion Ratio:

1 T. corn starch = 1 T. arrowroot = 1 T. Thick Gel

2 T. flour = 1 T. Thick Gel or 1½ T. E-Z Gel® 

Thick Gel Strawberry Tart
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