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Cornaby’s began as a 20-acre raspberry farm and blossomed into a specialty food processing company, creating delicious and innovative products that cater to the unique needs of consumers. We specialize in products that are all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, and suitable for individuals with special diets. 

Our History

Cornaby’s farm has been in the family since early pioneers settled UtahCounty in the 1800s, but irrigation wasn’t available for crops until the early 1900s when the Strawberry Water User’s Highline Canal was built. The land was owned by Roy T. Taylor, who passed it to his four children when he died. Lucy Taylor was married to Joseph Reed Cornaby, and he ran Lucy and Renee Earl’s adjoining 10-acre pieces since Renee wasn’t interested in farming. Reed and Lucy built a home on their land in 1981.

Cornabys raspberry farm small
Cornaby Kids

Over the years, Lucy and Reed Cornaby grew many different crops, but their most prized accomplishments were their kids.  Their children were exceptionally bright, excelling in school and playing the piano and organ.  Most importantly, they all became exceptional pinochle players.  They had three boys and four girls.

Cornaby Kids

David, their eldest son, had a successful career as an entrepreneur in the technology sector that left him far from home for the better part of 40 years, so he made the choice to spend as much time with his aging parents as he could.  He moved back to Utah and bought the family farm.  His entrepreneurial spirit hadn’t left him and he was never one to remain idle, so he immediately started investigating opportunities for the farm, and raspberries presented an opportunity he couldn’t pass on.  The real problem was what in the world he would do with so many of what could possibly be the tastiest berries on earth.

David Cornaby
Janet Cornaby

Luckily, David had a sister with deep roots in the food industry.  At that time, Janet had been teaching foods-related courses at Brigham Young University for more than 12 years and was ready for a change.  She owned a small company with “grandpa” Reed Cornaby selling food starches, which would later become E-Z Gel and Thick Gel, and had the experience and expertise to contribute to the company.  With David to run the farm and the business, Janet to develop products and establish manufacturing processes, and Grandpa to offer sage advice, Cornaby’s was officially started by the three in 2007 and supported by a number of family members.

Janet Cornaby

Fast forward 14 years and a lot of things have changed.  Cornaby’s now sells more than 100 products online and in thousands of retail locations and operates a large manufacturing facility in Payson, Utah.  Grandma and Grandpa have now passed on, but their love and care show in every Cornaby’s product that is made.  The company is a tribute to them, their legacy, and their family.  Just remember that when you enjoy one of our products, there is a rich heritage behind every single bite.

Reed and Lucy Cornaby
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