It’s been a really good apricot season here in Utah, so the neighbors have been putting out calls for anyone willing to take some of the fruit off of their hands. I was willing because I am all out of Apricot BBQ Sauce and it’s amazing. I like this apricot BBQ sauce most on chicken, pork, or turkey. It’s okay on fish, but it’s a bit sweet for beef. One of my favorite things about working with apricots is that they tend to be easy to pit and you don’t have to peel them. Just wash them really good and grind the whole thing.

For a unique twist you can replace some of the lime juice in the recipe with lemon or pineapple juice for a different depth of flavor. Just remember you have to have the same final amount of citrus juice to maintain pH so the recipe is safe to can. If you don’t want it in bottles this recipe also packs up in the freezer really well. I tend to do some of both since I find the process of canning the sauce creates a slightly more caramelized flavor than what I get in the freezer batches of bbq sauce. Both are delightful.

So give it a click and a taste!

Canned Apricot BBQ SauceApricot BBQ Sauce