strawberries to freeze

Sometimes I think you can have too much of a good thing. Right now, for example, the farmers markets and local stores around me are bursting with fresh fruit at great prices and my own garden is busy as can be. I love taking advantage of all of this. The only problem is sometimes there’s only so many hours in a day, and I only have so many freezer containers. So what’s a girl to do? How can I use the bounty now later in the year when I know I’ll be low of some of my favorite things like fresh strawberry jam?

Well, here’s my easy solution. Jam in a Jiffy works beautifully with fruit which has been frozen! Yep, you heard me right. So, for example, today I bought a flat (8 pounds) of berries for $8! I brought them home, washed and cored them and put the fruit right into freezer bags. I put the date on them and marked that I had 4 pounds of fruit in each bag. Now I can just toss them in the deep freeze and not think about them again until November when I want some fresh jam for my Thanksgiving rolls.

When I’m ready I’ll pull out one bag of berries and let them thaw for about 30-45 minutes. Then I’ll crush them, mix in my Jam in a Jiffy (It’s good on the shelf for at least three years! Not that it ever lasts that long.), see if I need any more liquid (with frozen berries you get more liquid in the first place so I do not add the recommended half cup on the back of the bag until I see if it’s necessary), and be ready to go with strawberry jam which will taste like I just picked the berries yesterday.

Planning ahead for the win? You betcha!

((If you are local to Utah Jam in a Jiffy can be found in your associated food stores, Smiths, select Walmarts and many other stores. It can also be purchased at our processing plant in Payson, Utah. Just call ahead and we’ll have your order ready for pick up.))