E-Z Gel CaseIt’s official! We’re going back to our roots! Over 20 years ago Cornaby’s Ultra Gel started life as E-Z Gel. As we have listened to the needs and concerns of our customers we’ve decided to go back to our first name. Our customers want a starch that helps to make their cooking convenient, economical and fast – E-Z in a word!

Now, not to fret. E-Z Gel will still be the same gluten-free, non-GMO, instant corn starch that we all know and love. It’ll even still be in that beautiful, blue Cornaby’s bag. It’s just getting a name change and a facelift. After 20 years it’s earned it! You’ll see the new E-Z Gel bag rolling out in stores and online over the next little while, but we’ll still certainly be there to support your questions if you’re using the Ultra Gel bag.

The recipes you already have using Ultra Gel work exactly the same with E-Z Gel though future recipes and recipe books (yes, books! We have exciting plans for those in 2018!) will use the new name.

With the release of our new website and the beginning of the holiday season this seemed like the right time to make this move. As well, you’ll notice that Thick Gel is now available in a smaller size, though it too remains exactly the same trusted product for all your cook up starch needs.

Exciting things are coming down the line as we continue to bring you Nature’s Best!

So come along with us. It’ll be delicious!