Super Easy Valentine Swirl Cookies with E-Z Gel

This is a great project to involve your kids in! There are bright colors and getting your hands dirty and it’s very easy. So this idea came from my 5-year-old who saw something similar online. We made some adjustments for the way we like to cook, but the idea is the same. You’ll start with Read More

Chocolate Almond Butter No Bake Cookies with E-Z Gel

Tis the season of a lot of cookie making, which is never a bad thing. But one of my favorite cookies is really almost a candy and that’s the no bake cookie. This particular recipe is for a chocolate almond butter no bake cookie which is a total mouthful, but representes a really nice cookie. Read More

Chewy Ginger Snaps with E-Z Gel

With Winter setting in I’ve found myself craving ginger cookies. In particular this recipe for chewy ginger snaps. These aren’t the traditional ginger snap, which is darker and crisper. I like those too, but for a really comforting ginger cookie I want it to have chew baby. So I made a batch on Saturday. They’re Read More

Basic Dinner Rolls with E-Z Gel

I like making bread from scratch. There’s just something highly soothing about the smell of yeast and flour coming together. Added to the tactile sensation of kneading the dough, it’s all together a rather enjoyable past time. This week I made some quick basic dinner rolls which we had with soup and turned the remaining Read More

Halloween Sugar Cookies with E-Z Gel

Of the many Halloween activities one of the favorites at our house is decorating cut-out sugar cookies.¬† ((We also like eating sugar cookies, but that’s probably a given.)) My favorite Halloween Sugar cookie recipe comes from the E-Z Gel recipe book. This is a great basic cut-out sugar cookie dough which has a wonderful buttery Read More

Mega Chocolate Chip Cookies with E-Z Gel

This week I ended up with one of those events that I totally forgot about. I needed to bring a dessert so I decided to go with an old favorite:¬†Chocolate Chip cookies! These chocolate chip cookies are my daughter’s very favorite cookie. They are made with jumbo chips, and have a great balance with a Read More