What is E-Z Gel?

For those who are new, E-Z Gel is a gluten free, non-GMO instant thickener made from a particular kind of corn called waxy maize. It can be added to hot or cold liquids for instant thickening which makes it good from everything from ranch dressing to gravy. E-Z Gel is fridge and freezer stable, meaning your products don’t turn into soup or harden up like a rock in the freezer or refrigerator. As well E-Z Gel is stable under high heats and thickens evenly which means it can safely be used for canning and storage and is approved by the Utah State Extension Service. E-Z Gel is known as a ‘magic mix in’ because just a little bit is so useful in so many situations from helping cookies to stay soft longer to making the perfect apple pie filling.

How long of a shelf life does E-Z Gel have?

This answer is for E-Z Gel itself and not products made from E-Z Gel, as those shelf lives vary. E-Z Gel itself has a very long shelf life. It doesn’t go rancid as there are no oils or fats in it and it does not break down quickly. Eventually (several years along) the thickening power of E-Z Gel can break down, but it is still safe to use. For absolutely best results, we advise rotating your E-Z Gel at least every five years, though properly stored it will remain usable for two to three times that long.

How do I store my E-Z Gel?

Because its water availability is so low E-Z Gel does not attract insects or vermin, and there are no oils so it will not go rancid. It is, however, very hydroscopic, which means E-Z Gel LOVES water. If it’s left out in an open container it will actually start absorbing moisture from the air (even here in the Utah desert!) and that top layer of starch will harden and get nasty, and open containers always invite cross contamination from dust or other items which could fall inside. So E-Z Gel should be stored in an air tight package. It’s even better if it can be kept in a low moisture environment. The key thing is keeping the air and the water out. It can be stored in containers from 5 gallon buckets down to zip lock bags, size doesn’t matter as long as it’s sealed.

If it happens that a container of E-Z Gel is left open you can recover. Simply remove the top layer of starch and discard. Anything under about the first 1/2 inch should be fine, as long as there hasn’t been a big contamination, IE: if water has been poured directly into the container or such you’ll likely have to throw it all out.

So there you go. Three things you may not have known about E-Z Gel. What is it? How long is E-Z Gel’s shelf life? And how do I store it?

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