It’s been one of those weeks around the Brown household, where there’s always something to do. When I’m having weeks like that I find that one of my go-to foods (we’ve talked about these on FB before) is a stir fry. I almost always have vegetables of various types on hand and I tend to buy a package or two of udon noodles and stash them in the fridge for quick meals. A little meat – or not – and dinner is served. And with E-Z Gel, it’s even better. Allow me to explain.

I made a pork stir fry, which consisted of browning onions and garlic and adding bite-sized chunks of pork and cooking it through. Once that was completed I added squash, chopped mushrooms and brussel sprouts and some lovely noodles, all with a bath of soy sauce and my favorite stir fry sauce. This is where the E-Z Gel comes in. When the stir fry is almost, but not quite done, I sprinkled about a half Tablespoon of E-Z Gel (less if you aren’t filling the fry pan) into the fry and tossed it with everything else. The point of doing this is that the E-Z Gel bonds with the liquid in the sauce and helps it stick to the vegetables, so you have a plate of stir fry which holds all the flavors of both veggies and sauces instead of having a bunch of veg with the sauce on the plate or left behind in the pan.

One of my favorite things about this recipe is that it can be made very flexible. Going low carb? Cut out the noodles and just stir up the meat and the veg. Going no meat? Easy to stick with noodles and veggies. There are great low sodium soy sauces and stir fry sauces too, or you can always make your own!

So tell me, dear reader, what’s your favorite stir fry veggie?

EZ Gel Stir Fry