When it comes to things you can do with Cornaby’s spreadable fruit one of my favorites is to bake with it.

I started making filled breads and cookies when I was just a little girl and one of the rules way back then was to ALWAYS line the pan with tin foil (the good stuff, no crappy foil). And you had to be really careful when you took the bread and the tin foil off the pan because you ran the risk of leaking cooked jam onto the cookie sheet where it would harden into something resembling fast set concrete. I think part of my vast HATRED for doing dishes comes from the hours trying to scrape pans down and get them clean again.

Part of the reason for this instant adhesion comes from the properties of pectin and sugar and how pectin jams turn to liquid and fuse to a pan when they’re heated.

Enter Cornaby’s Spreadable Fruits.

These aren’t jams…they don’t have enough sugar content to legally be labeled jams, but they are a lovely thick spreadable fruit which can be used anywhere you typically use jams or spread from sandwiches to cookie fillings. They are also a lovely, thick starch-based spread. This means that they hold up much better to high temperatures and do not become a runny sweet glue. Their flavors stay true, and they don’t tend to soak deeply into crusts or breads and make them soggy.

No longer do I have to fight with tin foil or scrubbing brushes. I fill sweetrolls and cookies with haphazard abandon and yummy results (especially with flavor choices like Apple Pie and Cherry Pie! Yum!). At least that’s what my husband and children tell me.

Cornabys spread filled bread

This is the Poka Raspberry spread in a traditional tea ring sweet bread. There is no better slice of breakfast!