Tips for Using E-Z Gel in Your Every Day – Scrambled Eggs

Where do the days go? It seems like I blink and my day is over and I’m getting started on the next one.

Today, I was pondering an E-Z Gel tip and had breakfast foods in mind, which brought me to scrambled eggs. I love scrambled eggs in all their varieties, whether plain, cheesy, herbed or with veggies. The best scrambled eggs inhabit a status of doneness which is pale, fluffy and creamy – not raw but not rubbery either. The problem with this state of eggs is that it’s very fragile and if not consumed immediately these eggs begin leaking all over the plate and all the lovely moisture ends up on the plate instead of in my mouth!

This is where E-Z Gel can be a scrambled egg livesaver. As we’ve talked about before E-Z Gel is water obsessive. It loves water and wants to hold it close. In the case of scrambled eggs I sprinkle about a teaspoon of E-Z Gel per two whole eggs into the scramble. This can take place at the beginning when you’re first mixing the eggs or about half way through the scramble if you forget. Too far through and there isn’t enough water for the E-Z Gel to bond with to get the result we’re hoping for. It can even make a lumpy mess, so earlier is much better. Cook eggs as normal and serve – Remember scrambled eggs don’t love high heat. If the E-Z Gel has anything to say about it there will be plenty of creamy goodness in the scramble and nothing but a few shreds of cheese left on the plate!