As we head into the summer and the temperature rises I always find myself looking for recipes which can be made without heating up my kitchen. This goes for delicious sides as well as main dishes. One side that my family is particularly fond of is carrots glazed with brown sugar. We often make these in the microwave or sometimes steam them, but the microwave sometimes leads to wrinkled carrots and steaming or boiling can make them soggy. So this time I tried my electric pressure cooker and I was so happy with the results. It only took 6 minutes at pressure to get perfect carrots, and I was able to cook them with some apple juice and brown sugar to form a lovely glaze. Using E-Z Gel I thickened the glaze right in the InstaPot and served it up. Easy, fast, delicious and healthy. You could even swap in honey for the brown sugar for a lighter flavor.

brown sugar carrotsglazed carrots


InstaPot Brown Sugar Carrots with E-Z Gel

1 pound baby carrots or carrot pieces

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup apple juice or orange juice

1/2 teaspoon salt

1-2 Tablespoons E-Z Gel

Place carrots, brown sugar, juice and salt in the InstaPot. Seal and pressure for 6 minutes. Quick vent. Sprinkle the E-Z Gel over the carrots and sugar glaze and stir gently to thicken. Serve warm.