E-Z Gel™

What is E-Z Gel™?

E-Z Gel™ is an instant food starch made from a type of corn called waxy maize. E-Z Gel™ will instantly thicken any liquid hot or cold. Once thickened products stay thick in the refrigerator, freezer or when preserved with a canner or pressure cooker.

Is E-Z Gel™ Gluten Free

Yes! E-Z Gel™ is made from 100% corn and is packaged in a gluten free facility.

Is E-Z Gel™ genetically modified?

Nope. E-Z Gel™ is made of a specific type of corn that is not genetically modified nor is it mixed with GMO products down the line.

How long can I store E-Z Gel™?

As long as the package is sealed E-Z Gel™ will remain good for many years. We suggest rotating your stock about once every five years, if it lasts that long, for absolute best results. If the package is opened E-Z Gel™ will try to thicken water out of the air and will develop a crusty top. If this happens, just remove the contaminated portion and move the remainder to an air tight container.