Halloween Sugar Cookies with E-Z Gel

Of the many Halloween activities one of the favorites at our house is decorating cut-out sugar cookies.  ((We also like eating sugar cookies, but that’s probably a given.)) My favorite Halloween Sugar cookie recipe comes from the E-Z Gel recipe book. This is a great basic cut-out sugar cookie dough which has a wonderful buttery Read More

Mega Chocolate Chip Cookies with E-Z Gel

This week I ended up with one of those events that I totally forgot about. I needed to bring a dessert so I decided to go with an old favorite: Chocolate Chip cookies! These chocolate chip cookies are my daughter’s very favorite cookie. They are made with jumbo chips, and have a great balance with a Read More

The Genuis Behind Cornaby’s, a Utah Food Co-packer

Special Guest post from Tim Stocks. We often get asked if we can do co-packing and private label products. The answer is YES!!! A good portion of our business is making products for other companies who then market and sell those products. We also make custom fillings and products to be used in or alongside Read More

Dutch Babies with E-Z Gel

The term Dutch Babies may bring to mind cute little cherubs with tiny wooden shoes, but when you’re talking Dutch Babies around here we are referring to an eggy, delicious oven-baked breakfast which is partway between a pancake and a poofy crepe, and completely delicious. Dutch Babies are one of my children’s favorite meals and Read More

Cooked Jam with Thick Gel

This week I’ve had several people write me looking for a great cooked jam recipe. When we talk about a cooked jam we are referring to a jam where we’re going to grind and cook down the fruit a bit and then either store it in the freezer or process it for preserving in jars. Read More

Preparing today to Preserve tomorrow with Jam in a Jiffy

Sometimes I think you can have too much of a good thing. Right now, for example, the farmers markets and local stores around me are bursting with fresh fruit at great prices and my own garden is busy as can be. I love taking advantage of all of this. The only problem is sometimes there’s Read More