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Ultra Gel® - Instant , Gluten-Free, Non GMO Thickener for Cooking and Canning, 16-ounces

Ultra Gel® is a gluten-free, Non-GMO cornstarch that can be added directly to any liquid - hot or cold, for instant thickening. Ultra Gel® can be used in baked applications to keep breads and cookies soft, or to add body to low calorie sauces and salad dressings. Products made with Ultra Gel® can be refrigerated, canned or frozen without weeping, thinning, or breaking down. Since Ultra Gel® whisks in without lumping and adds no flavor of its own.
  • 16 ounce re-sealable pouch; 340 servings per pouch (2 tsp)
  • Made with 100% gluten free Waxy Maize (corn)
  • Light and fluffy for instant no lump mixing
  • Instantly thickens hot or cold liquids
  • Remains stable when refrigerated, frozen or canned
  • 5 year shelf life

Directions for Use

Add Ultra Gel® gradually to hot or cold liquids, stirring until smooth. Allow to stand for 10 minutes for maximum thickness. Bottle, refrigerate or freeze finished products for future use.

Ultra Gel® Conversion Ratio

Ultra Gel® replaces cornstarch, flour and tapioca in all thickening applications: 1 T. cornstarch = 2 T. Ultra Gel® 2 T. flour or tapioca = 2 T. Ultra Gel®

Ultra Gel® vs Thick Gel

While Ultra Gel® and Thick Gel are both similar in nature, there is one major difference. Ultra Gel® is an instant thickener. This means it can be instantly whisked in into hot or cold liquids and works immediately. Thick Gel is similar to a conventional cornstarch. It must be mixed in a slurry and then brought to a boil to thicken. With Ultra Gel® you have more convenience, but with Thick Gel you use half as much and still get the same amazing qualities as Ultra Gel®.

Ultra Gel® Ingredients

Physically modified food starch (Waxy Maize)

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