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Ultra Gel®

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  1. What is Ultra Gel®?

    Ultra Gel® is an instant corn starch made from a type of corn called waxy maize. Ultra Gel® will instantly thicken any liquid hot or cold. Once thickened products stay thick in the refrigerator, freezer or when properly preserved with a canner or pressure cooker.

  2. Is Ultra Gel® Gluten free?

    Yes! Ultra Gel® is made from 100% corn and is packaged in a gluten free facility.

  3. Is Ultra Gel® genetically modified?

    Nope. Ultra Gel® is made of a specific type of corn that is not genetically modified nor is it mixed with gmo products down the line.

  4. How long can I store Ultra Gel®?

    As long as the package is sealed Ultra Gel® will remain good for many years. We suggest rotating your stock about once every five years, if it lasts that long, for absolute best results. If the package is opened Ultra Gel® will try to thicken water out of the air and will develop a crusty top. If this happens, just remove the contaminated portion and move the remainder to an air tight container.

  5. What’s the difference between Ultra Gel® and Clear Gel?

    Ultra Gel® and Clear Gel are like family members. Both are corn starches and can be used for cooking and canning. Clear Gel came first but is from a slightly different type of corn and is processed differently. Ultra Gel® will work in recipes which call for Clear Gel but with better and longer lasting results.

  6. Something I made with Ultra Gel® went watery! What happened?

    There are two factors that cause the most trouble with Ultra Gel® and 98% of the time any breakdown of the starch is because of one of these things. The first thing is that a spoon or other utensil which has been contaminated with saliva has been introduced to the product. There are enzymes in saliva which break down starch and if they are introduced into a bowl of pudding or a sauce they will break down the starch even when refrigerated. The best way to prevent this is to make sure to use a separate spoon for tasting and follow good kitchen hygiene. The second issue is when you are thickening something which contain a lot of raw or very juicy fruits, particularly whole oranges or tomatoes. When these foods are cooled the membranes shrink and a lot of extra juice is introduced into the mixture. So overnight your salad which was thick may thin up due to the oranges adding more juice to the mix. Just add a little more Ultra Gel® and this can be rectified.

  7. Is there a cookbook for Ultra Gel®?

    Yes! The Ultra Gel® Answer Book can be downloaded from our website, here. As well we post new recipes using Cornaby's™ products at our blog several times a month at

  8. Where can I find Ultra Gel®?

    Ultra Gel® can be found in many grocery stores either in the baking aisle or with the canning supplies. Check our location tab to find a store near you. If there is not a location in your area Ultra Gel® can be purchased online through or at our website at

  9. What is the conversion between Ultra Gel® and flour, cornstarch or tapioca?

    Ultra Gel® is a very light and puffy product due to its instant nature. If your recipe is written in weights the conversion from one starch to the next is the same, but when working with volumes it will take 1.5 to 2 times as much Ultra Gel® as other thickeners, but the end result stays good and means that more food gets properly stored and eaten saving you money in the end.

Thick Gel

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  1. What is the difference between Thick Gel and Ultra Gel®?

    Thick Gel and Ultra Gel® are sister products. They are both made from the same kind of corn, waxy maize, and are both non GMO and gluten free. The big difference is that Ultra Gel® is an instant which will thicken any liquid at any temperature, while Thick Gel must be cooked in order to thicken. Thick Gel is slightly less expensive per pound, so especially when you are making large batches of cooked items it gives you all of the benefits of a waxy maize starch at a superior price.

  2. Does Thick Gel have to be cooked?

    Yes. Thick Gel starts to thicken at just below boiling point, around 180 degrees and reaches full thickness within 3-5 minutes. Like cornstarch Thick Gel must be mixed with a liquid or another powder before being worked into a product. So the easiest thing to do is add a little water or broth to the Thick Gel in a small bowl and stir with a fork or whisk until smooth. Then add to the soup or sauce you are thickening.

  3. Can I use Thick Gel to replace Clear Gel?

    Yes! Thick Gel actually thickens a little more efficiently than Clear Gel. So in any recipe calling for Clear Gel replace with Thick Gel at a 3/4s replacement, so for 1 cup of Clear Gel use ¾ cup of Thick Gel. Depending on how much liquid is in the recipe you may have to adjust those numbers up or down slightly, but Thick Gel gives a beautiful set for pie fillings and jams and a smooth viscosity to puddings and soups.

  4. What else is Thick Gel good for?

    Thick Gel can be used to replace cornstarch, tapioca starch, Clear Gel and flour, generally in a ¾ to 1 or 1 to 1 ratio. It’s great for anything which is cooked and can be used in baked recipes that call for corn starch for lovely cookies and moist cakes. Thick Gel plays particularly well with dairy products like custards and chowders and is fantastic in ice cream base.

  5. Can I use Thick Gel for foods which will be frozen or canned?

    Yes. Thick Gel is designed to hold up under both frozen and preserved conditions. Check our website and blog for researched and approved recipes for pie fillings, jams, salsas and other preserved products. Gravies, soups, sauces and other products made with Thick Gel have a very good freeze/thaw stability and come out of the freezer (as long as they were properly packaged) in wonderful shape.

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